Durham Ipsum

There’s a groundswell of local pride sweeping the nation. And, let’s face it, Durham’s got a lot to be proud of. A growing number of artisans, brewers, restaurateurs and more start ups than what you’d see featured in any one episode of Silicon Valley.

Isn’t it time that you had an option for locally sourced placeholder copy?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Presenting Durham Ipsum

Placeholder copy with a distinct Bull City of Medicine flavor.

Let’s get to it …

You’re just three simple steps away from the locally brewed placeholder copy of your dreams.

What’s Your Flavor?

Choose your mix from the flavors on the right.

Durham, straight up. No questions asked.

How Many Paragraphs?

As many as you like, but we don’t recommend using it to pad your dissertation. We’ve got this thing running on an old laptop we found at the Scrap Exchange.

What Size Paragraphs?

In number of sentences.

Here is your artisanal, locally made, handcrafted Durham Ipsum type:
Now you’ve done it. You broke it. I hope you’re happy.